Stone Plastic Composite Tile SPC 160 Rovere Chiaro with attached underlay pad


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SPC flooring by Vinile Code SPC 160

SPC 160

Stone Plastic Composite Flooring

Product info :

Tile Size

182 x 1220 mm


10 pcs / 2.23 sqm

Installation Method

2G Valinge Click System


5.0 mm

Attached Pad

1.0 mm EVA/IPXE


Same Day Delivery

Wear Layer

0.3 mm


Stone Plastic Composite


Firenze Collection


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Product Description :

The attached pad adds an extra layer of comfort underfoot while also providing excellent noise reduction. SPC flooring by Vinile is an exceptional flooring system that offers exceptional durability, versatility, and water resistance. This type of flooring is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and a wide range of environmental conditions, making it perfect for both residential and commercial usage. Besides, Spc flooring features a unique locking system that ensures ease of installation and stability for years to come. It also has a beautiful wood/stone-look and a variety of colors to choose from, making it perfect for any interior decor style. Whether you prefer rustic, modern, or traditional designs, Spc flooring by Vinile will give your interior space an elegant and timeless look. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective flooring solution, consider choosing Spc flooring by Vinile.

Installation advices :

When laying any type of floor, it is important to ensure that the surface is flat, smooth, dry, and consistent, without cracks or grease, and maintains these characteristics over time. The ambient temperature during installation should be at least +18°C and maintained for a minimum of 2 days after completion of the work For a perfect installation the floor must be laid on a flat, hard and dry surface, the subfloor also must be cleaned and without dust. Flat subfloor means, the floor can’t have irregularities higher than 2mm/20cm. If the subfloor has irregularities more than 2 mm deep, the application of a levelling product is required.

Precautions for Maintenance:

  • Applying soft pads below the legs of home furniture or below heavy objects will definitely help the floor last longer.
  • Absolutely avoid using acetone and chlorinated solvents (e.g. trichloroethylene).
  • For perfect maintenance and keep your floors in top condition we recommend using Pulizer floor cleaner. A daily formula designed to remove dirt, dust and stains without being aggressive, used in a regular use will help to preserve the life of your floors removing stains with ease while leaving a beautiful, glossy finish.

Installation Pattern Avaiable :

Product Composition :